I am excited, yet humbled to serve as President of Fairmont Heights High School Alumni Association (FHHSAA) for the next two years. I am committed to moving an aggressive agenda to continue the Fairmont Heights High School’s legacy and maintain its relevance in Prince George’s County. I would like to personally thank all of the members that voted for me and provided their support during the election. A special thanks to our former President Daphne Bell for leading our association for more than 13 years. I would also like to welcome the newly elected FHHSAA officers:

Gary C. Clark

First Vice President

Faye Martin Howell


Damita Goldsmith

Second Vice President

Miguel McCloud


Fred N. Smith


Denise Haskins


Fred Smith

Financial and Corresponding Secretary

Paula Cash


Fairmont Heights High School made it possible for us to develop our core values, professional competencies, and life skills. Still, in these uncertain times, it’s reassuring to know that our alma mater continues to be strong and provide the excellent education foundation that allows us to be proud of our legacy that prepares students to be well grounded academically for their educational and life’s journey. We will continue to embrace the mission of the Alumni Association.


Like many of you, I am reinvigorated and hopeful for what’s ahead. Our lives are full with careers, connecting with family, raising children/grandchildren, traveling, and more. I am asking you to give back to the school, staff, and student body - today and for the future.


I believe that each one of us, alumni of our beloved Fairmont Heights High School would always like to reconnect with the school and the association. It is this pride and belongingness that we must transmit to the current students, who are now wearing the shoes we wore when we were too bright-eyed, adventurous, and yet sometimes worrisome learners. Let us help provide our school today with greater capability to give young and hopeful students better learning environment and experiences. I invite you to support any of the alumni projects planned for this year, or maybe even initiate new ones that we can work on.


Your Voice and Action Matter!! There are so many ways to give back. This is the year to engage with the Alumni Association and your fellow alumni. We need you in so many ways:


  • Become an alumni member for only $40.00 for a five year period or become a Lifetime Member for $200.00 (the membership application can be found on the website)
  • Attend and participate in alumni meetings, activities and your class reunion.
  • Volunteer to become a member of the alumni committees.
  • Display your pride by wearing Fairmont Heights High School apparel.
  • Consider a financial gift to FHHSAA.


On behalf of the FHHSAA officers, we look forward to seeing you all soon or please feel free to contact me at email address: We are Hornets forever. Our work never ends!



Thank You,

Joan Crowder, Class of 1968

FHHSAA President


P.O. Box 2727, Landover Hills, MD 20784